Leica v/s Nikon in the dark

I started this year with a shoot in a dark studio in Montreal. The purpose is to test my new Leica M and see how it compares with the D810 and the D4s in the studio. I mainly wanted to test the dark blacks, the noise and the overall handling.

I was surprise about how low I can go in speed with a lighter and smaller camera. The Leica M can’t go hight in iso as much as the D4s, but if the subject is not moving, I can easily use my Leica, handheld at 1/25 or even 1/15 if I am careful. The D4s starts to shake at 1/45. The pictures were made in the dark, no flash in most of them.

Working in manual focus is much easier because the subject is very dark. Here it was easier to focus with the M over the Nikon System.

The D810 comes in handy, it is a mix of both cameras, lighter than the D4s, better resolution then the M, black are dark and highlight are well balanced, I sometimes had a difficulty to tell witch pictures was taken with the 810 over the M. I love to read the information through the lens, it make me work faster especially if I need to change setting, (f, iso…) in order to get different effects with the same setup.

Being able to shoot with a low speed with my Leica gives me the advantage of using lower iso and having lower noise. In some pictures I used the flash, in manual mode just to have a touch of hi-light as a back light and Nikon flash works great on both system (in manual mode obviously)

Here is an example of the photo session, most of the pictures are taken with the Leica M and the Nikon 810.Mly

Atelier de création avec Mathilde et Simon.



Ceci est le résultat d’un petit atelier de création et d’improvisation avec Mathilde et Simon. La séance avait pour but d’improviser librement. C’est dans des ateliers comme ceci que de nouvelles idées surgissent et ouvrent la voie à de nouvelles possibilités en photo.

Un grand merci à Mathilde et Simon d’avoir participer et créer des mouvements gracieux pour me permettre de faire de belles images.



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Samantha was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a BA Law and Psychology. Upon moving to Vancouver, she trained at the Arts Umbrella Post-Graduate Dance Program.
Professionally, she has performed in both classical and contemporary companies in Canada, USA, Europe and South Africa in works by Joe Laughlin for EDAM , Jean Grande-Maitre for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies 2010, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, and plastic orchid factory.

It was a privilege for me to collaborate with you on this fun project.

Thank you Sammy-Jane.

Photographe à Montréal